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The New Oxford Shakespeare

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The following is an extract from the General Introduction to the New Oxford Shakespeare , and looks at the many different playwrights, actors, and poets that collaborated with Shakespeare.

When we read Shakespeare’s Complete Works we are primarily, of course, reading Shakespeare. But as a bonus we also get, in the same volume, an excellent anthology of most of the important playwrights who were his collaborators. Shakespeare collaborated for the same reason that most people do: different members of the team are especially good at different tasks. The poet Alexander Pope, who edited Shakespeare’s plays in 1725, had no idea that Fletcher had wrote parts of All Is True , but we now know that the four passages he singled out as particular ‘beauties’, worthy of special attention, were all written by John Fletcher.

Shakespeare’s conversations with other writers and artists, the interweaving of his creativity with theirs, began in his own lifetime. His last three plays were all co-written with Fletcher – who, in all three, seems to have written more of the surviving text than Shakespeare. But Fletcher also wrote The Tamer Tamed, a sequel and reply to The Taming of the Shrew, in which we learn that Kate was never successfully tamed, and Petruccio’s second wife tames him; we know the two plays were performed together at court in 1633, and perhaps much earlier. Ben Jonson’s Sejanus was clearly a response to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, but it also seems likely that the lost version of Sejanus performed by the King’s Men was a collaboration between the two men, just as Shakespeare’s ‘Let the bird of loudest lay’ was originally printed in a small collection of commissioned poems by several poets, including Jonson. Thomas Middleton, ‘our other Shakespeare’, was Shakespeare’s junior collaborator on Timon of Athens, but he also seems to have adapted four of Shakespeare’s plays between 1616 and 1623 ( Titus Andronicus, Measure for Measure, All’s Well that Ends Well, and Macbeth ). Middleton began the long historical tradition of adapting Shakespeare’s work to make it more suitable, and more interesting, for later audiences. But Middleton also wrote a reply, The Ghost of Lucrece, to Shakespeare’s Lucrece ; an early owner bound the two poems together in a single volume.

Shakespeare was, and is, bound to many kinds of artist, not just poets and playwrights. In the last two decades of his career he was legally bound together with the other ‘sharers’ of a joint-stock company of actors. This means that Shakespeare created his characters for individual actors who would collaborate with him in performing the play. In fact, each actor received a separate manuscript, called a ‘part’, containing only the speeches of the character he was going to create, and a few words of his cues. From the beginning, each actor ‘owned’ his character.

Bear in mind that a process that has put items in a queue will wait before terminating until all the buffered items are fed by the “feeder” thread to the underlying pipe. (The child process can call the Queue.cancel_join_thread method of the queue to avoid this behaviour.)

This means that whenever you use a queue you need to make sure that all items which have been put on the queue will eventually be removed before the process is joined. Otherwise you cannot be sure that processes which have put items on the queue will terminate. Remember also that non-daemonic processes will be joined automatically.

An example which will deadlock is the following:

A fix here would be to swap the last two lines (or simply remove the p.join() line).

Explicitly pass resources to child processes

On Unix using the fork start method, a child process can make use of a shared resource created in a parent process using a global resource. However, it is better to pass the object as an argument to the constructor for the child process.

Apart from making the code (potentially) compatible with Windows and the other start methods this also ensures that as long as the child process is still alive the object will not be garbage collected in the parent process. This might be important if some resource is freed when the object is garbage collected in the parent process.

So for instance

should be rewritten as

Beware of replacing Logo Graphic Printed Long Sleeved Tshirt Garbage TV 2018 Newest For Sale eDVKkgKV
with a “file like object”

multiprocessing originally unconditionally called:

in the multiprocessing.Process._bootstrap() method — this resulted in issues with processes-in-processes. This has been changed to:

Which solves the fundamental issue of processes colliding with each other resulting in a bad file descriptor error, but introduces a potential danger to applications which replace Print TShirt Toxic Tigers WSN white Tigha Discount Latest Collections RnLmcP
with a “file-like object” with output buffering. This danger is that if multiple processes call close() on this file-like object, it could result in the same data being flushed to the object multiple times, resulting in corruption.

If you write a file-like object and implement your own caching, you can make it fork-safe by storing the pid whenever you append to the cache, and discarding the cache when the pid changes. For example:

For more information, see bpo-5155 , Best Place To Buy Online Kate Moss Equipment Woman Printed Silk Top Black Size XS Kate Moss for Equipment High Quality BOABTxb
and bpo-5331

There are a few extra restriction which don’t apply to the fork start method.

Table 1.

The patient's consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations

Normal blood and urine cadmium concentration: 0.2–6.0 ng/ml.

View Large
Table 1.

The patient's consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations

Normal blood and urine cadmium concentration: 0.2–6.0 ng/ml.

View Large

After being stabilized on the second day, he was transferred to the medical ward. Diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain subsided, but weakness and myalgias persisted. On hospital day 3, laboratory studies showed serum chloride 111 mEq/l, sodium 144 mEq/l, potassium 4.2 mEq/l and thrombocytopenia (platelet count of 77 000/mm 3 ). On day 7, his platelet count returned to the normal range. Consecutive blood and urine cadmium concentrations were measured. Blood cadmium concentrations on days 2, 3, 4 and 7 post-exposure were 15.1, 7.4, 3.3 and 0.2 ng/ml, respectively, and urine cadmium concentrations 8.4, 5.6, 0.4 and 0.2 ng/ml.

Cadmium is a severe pulmonary and gastrointestinal irritant, which can be fatal if inhaled or ingested. Acute cadmium poisoning causes gastrointestinal tract erosion, pulmonary, hepatic or renal injury and coma, depending on the route of poisoning [ 7 , 8 ]. After acute ingestion, symptoms usually appear in 15–30 min. These include: abdominal pain, burning sensation, nausea, vomiting, salivation, muscle cramps, vertigo, shock, loss of consciousness and convulsions. Our case had vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia and drowsiness after ingesting cadmium-containing chemicals. Acute ingestion of as little as 10 mg of inorganic cadmium has caused severe symptoms. Ingestion of >100 mg of its soluble salts can be lethal [ 7 ]. Our patient was estimated to have taken ∼1 g of inorganic cadmium, which is a lethal dose. Given the clinical course and the elevated blood and urine cadmium levels, it is all but certain that this patient's symptoms were related to acute cadmium poisoning.

Our case is unique due to the combination of cadmium and barium. We are unsure how much cadmium and barium our patient took, but a blood level of 24.9 mEq/l is a marked elevation, and is consistent with excessive cadmium salt ingestion. Blood cadmium levels are a reflection of acute cadmium exposure; urine levels appear to provide a better measure of chronic exposure [ 9 ]. Serum cadmium levels will help confirm the diagnosis, but do not correlate with the severity of intoxication. Many of our patient's symptoms could also be ascribed to barium poisoning (gastro-enteritis and paralysis). Physicians are familiar with barium in its inert and insoluble form as a contrast medium, barium sulfate. While barium sulfate is not absorbed systemically, other water-soluble barium salts (carbonate, chloride, sulfide and nitrate) can be absorbed and cause barium poisoning [ 10 ]. Barium stearate, the presumed culprit in our case, is a water-soluble barium salt and can cause acute poisoning. The serum barium concentration of 34.1 μg/day could have contributed to our patient's clinical manifestation; however, serum barium assays are not routinely available in hospital laboratories, and do not contribute to the management of this poisoning.

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Archival Materials: A Practical Definition

In my PhD research I am investigating the nature of archives access systems and the enabling technologies and practices that can be used to improve these.

I am currently in the process of establishing the scope and context for my investigation. This requires that a number of key concepts are defined so that I am using terminology that is internally consistent within the research, to properly identify the nature and characteristics of the entities which are under investigation and to facilitate the communication of research results to archival professionals as well as laypersons (i.e. users of archives access systems and personal digital archives).

One of the more critical definitions is for the actual objects that are made available via archives access systems. I am referring to these as ‘ archival materials .’ As I explain below, I’ve chosen to move away from some of the more traditional definitions for records and archives to establish a practical, access-based definition for ‘ archival materials ‘ that better reflects the reality of the types of information objects that are being made available via archives access systems today and into the foreseeable future.

Archival materials are information objects that serve as evidence of past events. They record information about past activities and act as memory aids that allow its users to recall and relive them or to re-communicate information about those events at some point in the future.

The term event is used broadly to mean any type of activity or occurrence that could range from a single transaction (e.g. the purchase of a magazine at a bookstore) to any number of inter-related acts (e.g. all the steps involved in ordering, paying, packaging and shipping magazines to a bookstore). It may include a grand and long event such as a war, an election or an opera performance. It can include structured events such as a purchase invoicing procedure, a driver’s license application or a school exam. It may also include unstructured, isolated acts such as a spontaneous dance move or the unsolicited expression of an abstract idea.

Archival materials are the basis for organizational knowledge, legal evidence, historical research, as well as personal and collective memory. Archival materials can include a spreadsheet illustrating monthly sales, a contract that is introduced in a court proceeding, the correspondence of a famous author, family photograph albums, or an audio recording of a someone’s first violin recital. Other common terms in the English language that are used for archival materials include historical documents , archives , or records . [ 1 ]

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